All Saints Church
Parochial Church Council

Members, Committees, Regulations, Policies, Other

PCC Members

Name Position Committees
Reverend Caren Topley Rector & Chairman Standing, 
Mrs Pat Wisby Secretary & Churchwarden Standing, Fabric
Mr Philip Dawes Treasurer Fabric
Jane Cooper Safeguarding Officer Standing
Rev Carrie Steer Assistant Curate  
Mr Robin Welsford Reader Messy Church
Mrs Ruth Gray Reader Messy Church
Mr Peter Topley Reader  
Mrs Kathy Blackmore Lay Leader of Worship  
Mrs Linda Dawes   Fabric
Mr Chris Murphy   Standing
Mrs Jean Peacock    
Mr Barry Livesey    

PCC Committees (Secure)

PCC Standing Finance Charity Pastoral & Bereavement
Worship Messy Church Baptism Fabric Social
Church Hall Chronicles      

PCC Regulations

Churchyard Regulations        

PCC Policies

Parish Safeguarding Domestic Abuse Data Privacy Notice Use of Social Media and Telephones CCTV Policy

Other information

Clifton & Southill Benefice Profile - 2016 Mission Action Plan (MAP) Quinquennial2013 APCM Booklet 2018 Risk Assessment Clifton Community Cafe 2017
Working at heights 2017 Fire Extinguisher Certificate 2017 CopyrightLicence2017 LAM chairs Personal Safety Plan
Quinquennial April 2018 Wildlife-Friendly Churchyard Managing the Churchyard March 2010 APCM Booklet 2021 Parish Safeguarding Commitments & Contacts