Children's Society

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Welcome to Clifton's page for the Children's Society in our area.

125 years of working together

Since 1881, when Sunday school teacher Edward Rudolf and Archbishop Tait founded The Children's Society, we have been working alongside the Church of England to reach out to the most vulnerable children in society.

Sharing in the Church's mission, and based on Christian values, we seek to understand and support the most excluded children in our society. Our work together is as vital now as it was 125 years ago. We continue to cultivate joint ventures across all England dioceses, working directly with children and young people, developing worship resources, providing fundraising and volunteering opportunities and campaigning together on key social justice issues.

We work together to uphold the rights of children, and through challenging public policy together, our voice is stronger. The success of our Safe and Sound campaign - signing petitions, writing to local MPs and raising awareness of the risk of children on the streets - is primarily down to our loyal church supporters.

For many years the people of Clifton and surrounding areas have supported this effort on behalf of The Children's Society.

Following the sterling work of the previous local secretary, Peter & Kathy Blackmore have acted as joint secretaries since the summer of 2003.

As well as special events and donations some of the villagers of Clifton have collecting boxes in their homes to take the loose change that makes those holes in our pockets. This contributes to the £2m collected annually using this method. We currently Just under 50 boxes around the village and if you would like one please do not hesitate to contact us here. Boxes are delivered and collected by us and the funds deposited with the Society to help their work.

Opposite is a summary of what has been raised in Clifton over the 16 Years of our incumbancy raising in excess of £13,000!

Many thanks for your continuing support.

Peter & Kathy Blackmore
Clifton Children's Society Secretaries

Boxes Events/Donations Total
      TOTAL for the period 2003-2010
      TOTAL for 2011
      TOTAL for 2012
      TOTAL for 2013
      TOTAL for 2014     £810.09  
      TOTAL for 2015


      TOTAL for 2016    


    Box Collections (13 boxes) £314.25    

    Donations  (Christingle)

      TOTAL for 2017    


    Box Collections (11 boxes) £303.11    

    Donations (Christingle & Book Club)

      TOTAL for 2018    


    Box Collections (10 boxes) £257.74    
  Donations (All Saints Church Mission)   £250.00   

    Donations (Christingle)

      TOTAL for 2019    


    Box Collections (10 boxes) £292.57    

    Donations (Christingle-online)

      TOTAL for 2020    


    Box Collections (2 boxes) £123.38    


      TOTAL for 2021