Some notes from Watch Wide News

A pattern is emerging of criminals operating mainly between 0300hrs and 0400hrs throughout the South and Mid Beds.
The offenders are believed to be four males wearing hooded tops or baseball caps.
They are attacking premises, which have UPVC front doors and have been seen checking to see if these doors have been double locked. To thwart this all members are asked to engage Secondary bolts on doors of this type at all times.

Tarmaccing Gangs Mid Beds

It has been drawn to our attention that a company are visiting homes in the region
The price quoted at the beginning of the day in no way matches the settlement figure demanded upon completion
All members are advised not to use unknown Cold Callers offering such services,
Contact Trading Standards Officers for advice


Prime site to find out about Crime Prevention in Bedfordshire

3 Counties Radio Crimestoppers for more Crime Information

Not all burglars break into your home Distraction burglars, or bogus callers as they are also known, trick their way into your home to steal money and valuables. They use a range of scams to convince you to let them into your home.
Here are some examples:
Pretending to be an official from the councilor a utility company, or even from the police.
For example, "We're from the Water Board. We're
working on a leak down the street and need to
check your supply."
Pretending to be in need of help. They may ask to come in to make an emergency call from your phone. For example, "A little girl's been knocked down by a car, can I borrow your phone to call an ambulance?"
Bogus workmen. They ask if you would like any work done on your home, e.g. gardening or tarmacing. They may also pretend to be selling something. They may suggest repairs to your home that are unnecessary, for instance, a new roof. Many bogus workmen overcharge and leave the job unfinished. They may ask for cash before they start work.
Bogus callers can be very persuasive and convincing. They may be dressed smartly, or wear overalls, so they look the part. They may even have a child with them as a way of gaining your trust. Don't be fooled and don't be afraid to ask someone to leave. If they refuse, cali the police.
Bogus callers mainly prey on the elderly, thinking that they are an easy target and are more likely to keep large sums of money at home. They know all the usual hiding places and very often people don't know they've been robbed until hours or days later. Bogus callers often call at several homes until they find an elderly person. If they don't have an easy victim they make an excuse and move on.
999 for emergencies and crime in action.

01234-841212 – requiring police attendance.
0800 555 111 – crimestoppers.
01582 473273 – crime reduction officer.
01767 602344 – abandoned vehicle removal.