Central Bedfordshire

The Council

Chair Mr R Dart

Chair Vice-chair Clerk
Mr R Dart Mr B Livesey Mrs K Kilby

Mr A Cree Mr P Griffiths Mr S Langton
Mrs J Lanham Mrs P Livesey Mr I Pacey
Dr R Puritz Mrs E Smith Mr M Talbot

Mrs Kerri Kilby (Clerk) parish.council@clifton-beds.co.uk 07547 129038

Parish Council meetings are held at 7.30 pm every second Thursday of the month in the Community Centre. If you wish to attend please contact the Clerk above.

NB During the current pandemic meetings are being held via Skype.


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Community Centre
Administered by the Parish Council the Community Centre has:
a large hall, bar area, kitchen and meeting rooms.

Booking clerk - Mrs Kerri Kilby 07547 129038 parish.council@clifton-beds.co.uk

Regular Bookings


Get fit with Tessa - Aerobics, Circuit Training and Fitness Pilates

Aerobics                                      9.30-10.15am & 7.30- 8.15pm

Fitness Pilates                            6.15-7.15pm  

Circuit training / boot camp      8.30-9.30pm  

Tessa Chiswell www.getfitwithtessa.com 07787 970810

Over 50s exercise class

Mondays 2-3pm

Aiden Jones aidenjones@hotmail.co.uk


Residents Association Meeting

7.30pm Every first Tuesday of the month

Bob Smith bob.smith@lineone.com 

Henlow Badminton Club


Sue Briars sueebmail-cb@yahoo.co.uk


Clifton Parent and Toddlers


Alison Reynolds Cliftontoddlers@gmail.com 01462 811880

Clifton Badminton Club


Ian Frost 01462 811658 


Get fit with Tessa - Aerobics, Circuit Training and Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates                         9.30-10.30am & 6.15-7.15pm  

Aerobics                                   7.30-8.15pm  

Circuit training / boot camp    8.30-9.30pm  

Tessa Chiswell www.getfitwithtessa.com 07787 970810                  

Play Music Play Music Group for Babies & Toddlers

Thursdays 9.15-10.15am

Becky Turner becboo15@virginmedia.com 07982 232444

Parish Council meetings

7.30pm Every second Thursday of the month

Kerri Kilby (Clerk) parish.council@clifton-beds.co.uk 07547 129038      


A for Active Childrens Classes


Linda Herbert hayward.linda@gmail.com  07771 561064 

Up Coming Events